Vanessa Jacquemin is a Haitian-American singer and songwriter raised in New York City.

A citizen of the world, Vanessa lived a year in Brazil where she immersed herself in the vitality and beauty of that country’s popular music. Following graduation from Brown University where she obtained degrees in Latin American History and African-American Studies, she performed regularly with top Brazilian pop bands in premier New York venues.

After two years in the Brazilian music scene, Vanessa decided to focus on her own compositions, which steered towards pop, rock and folk. She also desired a change of creative setting in order to enrich her musical journey, so in 2000 she packed her bags and moved to Paris, France to study at the jazz conservatory, C.I.M.

Vanessa was intrigued by the thriving Paris jazz scene, and saw her immersion in it as an enhancement to her pop approach. She spent eight years in Paris as a professional musician, performed in many clubs and jazz festivals (Jazz in Marciac, Sunset-Sunside, Le Triton), and as a lead vocalist with the acid-jazz band, Brooklyn Funk Essentials touring all over Europe (Solidays Festival, Nice Jazz Festival, Bataclan, Les Veilles Charrues, Istanbul Jazz Festival, Jazz Café in London).

In 2012, Vanessa moved to Haiti. She is now focused on playing a part in the development of its music scene and collaborating with talented local musicians and producers in order to marry her artistry with Haitian forms.

Vanessa is currently working on her new album to be released early 2015.